G'day, I'm Chris Talke.

Welcome to my corner of the internet.

I'm an IT Professional based in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales with an uncanny love for web development.

I've always used some type of technology to solve problems in my life, and this is my place to share my findings and learnings. Hopefully in the process of sharing knowledge I can help others who are learning, or seeking answers to problems I may have solved.

This blog will typically cover anything to do with web development, linux server things or janky networking stuff. I'm not going to limit this blog, but it is mostly going to be based around tech!

Just keep in mind I'm not an expert in many things, I learn enough to solve problems and I hope you can find value in that.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to get in touch or check out my github, twitter or linkedin.

Recent Posts

A detailed list of all things that I use on a day to day basis, this covers any web tech, editors, terminals, fonts, extensions, computers, laptops, monitors, servers and so forth! I recently checked out a website called uses.tech and created this list to participate!
Topics Technology and Things
Date 2020-05-12
Out of the box, Strapi.js includes a user-permissions plugin which issues JWT tokens to be stored in client side storage for 'authenticated' requests, this demonstrates how you can modify the plugin's controllers to use server side cookies which allows for httpOnly / secure options.
Topics Strapi.js and Cookies
Date 2020-05-11
My experience trying to Dockerise a NodeJS application using the Puppeteer library (yes... this is an old medium post migrated to my blog).
Topics Docker, Puppeteer, JavaScript and NodeJS
Date 2019-02-01